EVAC — Extraoral Vacuum Aerosol Cup

An efficient and reusable device that can be used during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

EvaxDental Introduces EVAC -  a Practical and Effective Solution for Chair side Dental Extraoral Aerosol and Dust Control.

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Extraoral Vacuum Aerosol Cup (EVAC) is an aerodynamically optimized suction cup that is designed to capture aerosols exiting a patient's mouth during dental procedures. 


Autoclavable and Reusable

EVAC is made out of polypropylene, which is a durable, lightweight, and wear resistant material. It is also autoclavable and reusable.

Comfortable Fit

Cup is anatomically shaped to fit the lower half of the patient's face, allowing for comfortable usage.

Aerodynamically Optomized

EVAC was aerodynamically optimized with computational fluid dynamics, producing a device with an 86% capture efficiency.

Connected to the HVE

Instead of generating its own vacuum, EVAC makes use of the chairside HVE device. It simply can be connected to the standard HVE to function.

3-in-1 Function

EVAC not only absorbs saliva and aerosols, but it can also clean blood and dust off nearby surfaces. Furthermore, holes are present on the surface face to prevent larger particles from being sucked in, to avoid clogging.

Usage Instructions

Simply connect the device to the HVE using the tube provided- Aerosols and other dusts will be absorbed once the HVE is turned on. This device can be used for various dental procedures (temp crown or denture adjustment, sandblasting, polishing). Further instructions will be provided with shipments.


 Device Protocol during Procedures

  1. Patient screening

  2. Oral rinse device with 1-2% Hydrogen Peroxide

  3. Apply Intra Oral Aerosol Suction when applicable (Mr. Thirsty, Rubber Dam, etc.)

  4. Apply Extra Oral Aerosol Suction using EVAC device

  5. Purify with UV light disinfection after procedure

Disclaimer:  This protocol is a suggestion only. Please refer to your local authority guidelines for infection control. 




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